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Coronavirus: Decision of the Board of Directors Regarding Spring General Meeting

March 30, 2020


Meeting & Vote by e-mail

Pursuant to article 3:47 of the Belgian Code for companies and associations, the annual accounts must be submitted for approval to the General Assembly within six months of the closing date of the financial year (31 December 2019).

Therefore, the Spring General Assembly will be held on the same day as originally planned, 16 May 2020, with a limited number of agenda items, all related to legal obligations regarding the finances and some management issues.

Elections: As elections to the Board of Directors and Chairmanship had been originally set for the spring 2020 General Assembly, delegates will be asked to extend the mandate of the Board and Chairman until the autumn 2020 General Assembly.

Members will be provided with voting forms to enable them to vote by e-mail on finances and electoral mandate extension before the day of the General Assembly.

A convening electronic letter with the Agenda and voting form will be sent to the Members' Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA before the statutory deadline of 16 April 2020.

Note: See e-mail t20-04 'Board decisions on the organisation of TEGoVA activity in the wake of the generalised virus containment measures' of 30/03/2020