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Statistics in the Context of Economic Theory and the Limits of Automated Valuation Models in the Valuation of Individual Properties

May 3, 2018

Paper by Pr. Dr. Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak Report


This ground breaking publication tackles the inadequacies of statistical methods of valuation and AVMs head on and is sure to provoke much welcome debate about the essence of valuation work.

Please, find the document hereafter.

Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak

Professor Dr. Hab Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak

Professor Kucharska-Stasiak is a founding member of the modern Polish valuation profession. She graduated from The University of Łódź, where she gained a doctorate in economics followed by habilitation in 1990.

Since 2000 she has been a Professor of economic sciences at the University of Łódź.

In 1991 she became the head of the university's Investment and Real Estate Department and in 1998 joined an inter-faculty doctorate commission.

She is also the head of post-graduate studies in "Real Estate" at the university's Economics-Sociology Department.

In 1999 she became a member of the National Advisory Board to the Chairman of the Polish Department of Housing and Urban Planning.

Professor Kucharska-Stasiak is a longstanding member of the Polish Valuers' Qualifications' Commission as well as a member of the Arbitration Commission

of The Polish Federation of Valuers' Associations (PFVA). She is the author and co-author of many text books, a member of the editorial committee of the "Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration" and a contributor to the quarterly journal "Świat Nieruchomości".