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Introducing New European Valuation Standards (EVS) - The Dutch Approach

October 18, 2016


Valuation standards are developing at a dazzling pace. In January 2015, a practical guideline was published, dedicated to property valuations. Professor dr. TomBerkhout MRE MRICS and NVM's valuation expert Sebastiaan Roggeveen MSRE BBE wrote this publication on behalf of Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate valuers NVM. It is now being used for training sessions and educational purposes among other things, particularly as far as recertification processes are involved. It is also available in English, and therefore it has drawn international interest. A fully revised and extended version of this guide is due in early 2017. It will discuss the Dutch-NRVT legislation, EVS 2016 which were published only recently and the expected IVS 2017. Subjects such as professional commissioning and suppliership, ethics and sustainability will be covered as well.

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NVM - Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Valuers

Founded in 1898 with more than 4.000 members, NVM is the foremost professional real estate association in the Netherlands.