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TEGoVA Autumn Assembly in Sofia, Ending a 4 Year Cycle in European Valuation Standard Setting

October 15, 2019

• European Valuation Standards 2020 Approved for Brussels Launch in May 2020

• 1st Edition of European Business Valuation Standards Approved for Warsaw Launch in March 2020



America Fully Represented

More than 95 representatives of 50 valuation associations from 30 countries including Argentina, Mexico and USA, attended TEGoVA's Autumn General Assembly in Sofia, on 12th October 2019. The meeting was hosted by The Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB).

EVS & EBVS 2020

The main business was concerned with the adoption of the final texts of European Valuation Standards (EVS 2020) and European Business Valuation Standards (EBVS 1st Edition) following presentations by Michael Reinberg (Chair), Jeremy Moody, Cédric Perrière and Angelos Simos of the European Valuation Standards Board and Danijela Ilić, Chair of the European Business Valuation Standards Committee. Both standards were adopted by the General Assembly. The EBVS will be launched at a conference in Warsaw on 24 March 2020 and EVS 2020 in Brussels on 15th May 2020.

Professor Nick French

Another highlight of the meeting was a very informative and timely presentation by Professor Nick French about " the complexity of simple valuation models; capturing expertise and experience".


The delegates also voted to accept two new members namely the Spanish General Council of Technical Architecture (CGATE) and the Federation of Appraisal Colleges In Mexico (FECOVAL).


Spring 2020 General Assembly

François Isnard, Managing Director of TEGoVA invited the delegates to the Spring Meeting of TEGoVA in Brussels on 14th to 16th May 2020.


The General Assembly was preceded on the 11th October by a European Valuation Conference titled "European and National Standards, the Two Pillars of European Valuation" at Sofia's historic Central Military Club. The conference was attended by over 200 local and foreign valuers. Top speakers included Michael MacBrien (Adviser to TEGoVA), Michael Reinberg (Chairman EVSB) , Danijela Ilić (Chair EBVSC). Jefferson Sherman and Rodman Schley, Vice Presidents Appraisal Institute (USA), Dr Georgi Horozov (legal advisor to CIAB) and Svetla Dermendzhieva (Chair CIAB), Plamen Danailov (Chairman of Control Board CIAB), Anton Mihailov (Member of Methodology and Qualifications Board CAIB) Vesel Pendichev (Member of MQS CIAB).


Presentations available (look at the right spots).