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March 24, 2020


Tuesday 24 March 2020, Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Plac Pitsudkiego, Warsaw


Dear Colleagues,

Concerns about the spread of Coronavirus in Poland have increased significantly over the last few days. Two days ago the government banned all mass events and yesterday shut all schools, kindergartens, universities, cinemas, theatres etc with the overriding message to keep social interaction to a minimum. Further restrictions are anticipated. Also all foreign visitors are being put under close scrutiny at borders and airports and the risks of the odd enforced quarantine cannot be ignored. In all the circumstances, the PFVA in agreement with TEGoVA has decided that the responsible thing to do is to postpone the Warsaw Conference on 24 March as well as the iiBV training seminar on 25th March.

I am very sorry, that it has had to come to this, particularly as you have all put in great effort to ensure a successful event. On behalf of both PFVA and TEGoVA I would appeal for your understanding and continuing support.

Kind regards

Krzysztof Grzesik REV FRICS