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Spanish General Council of Technical Architecture 
country flag


Paseo de la Castellana 155, 1°
ES-28046 Madrid

Tel: + 34 91 570 55 88
Fax: +34 91 571 28 42


President: Alfredo Sanz Corma
Vice-President: Melchor Izquierdo Matilla
Secretary General: Iñaki Pérez Pérez
Treasurer: Eduardo Cuevas Atienza
Number of staff: 7

Number of direct members: 50.000
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 1.250

Member of TEGoVA since: October 2019
Category of membership: Full


Founded in 1958, CGATE, represents all professionals of technical architecture in Spain and their regional associations.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Alfredo Sanz Corma

Alfredo Sanz Corma


Tel: +34 915705588

Daniel Tur Bisquerra

Daniel Tur Bisquerra

Government Board Member

President of COAATMCA
CGATE Regional Association of Mallorca

Tel: +34 915705588

Brief History and Role

CGATE, Spanish General Council was founded in 1958 through a royal decree of the Development Ministry to represent all professionals of technical architecture in Spain and their regional associations.

Principal Activities

CGATE's main objectives are to represent and defend the interests of the Technical Architect profession at national and international level; to represent and coordinate the professional organisation as a whole; to inform about state laws affecting the professional duties and degree curricula; to inform about the recognition of diplomas issued in other states; and to promote, at all levels, the greater prestige of the profession.

Principal Areas of Policy

  • Building and Construction, execution of building works, its facilities and elements, conducting qualitative and quantitative control of the constructed buildings.
  • Health and safety studies and plans and coordinating the activity of the companies relating to health and safety in construction works.
  • Estimation techniques, measurements, valuations, appraisals and economic feasibility studies.
  • Technical projects and performance management of building works.
  • New building construction technologies.
  • Evaluations and certifications of energy efficiency as well as building sustainability studies.
  • Managing the use, conservation and maintenance of buildings.


CGATE has three government boards:

  1. Executive Board (Presidente, Vice-president, Treasurer and four other members)
  2. Goverment Board (Executive Board and a representative for each Spanish Region (17))
  3. General Assembly (Executive Board and a representative for each province of Spain, (55))

All representatives and executive members are elected.


CGATE has 50.000 individual members. Members of CGATE must hold the degree of "Technical Architecture" regulated by the Education Ministry (240 ECTS).