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Real Estate Valuers Register of the Netherlands 
country flag


Visiting Address

Watermanweg 104, 6th Floor
NL-3067 GG Rotterdam

Postal Address

Postbus 42530
NL- 3006 DA Rotterdam


President of the Council: Ing. MJ Cosman
Members of the Board: Ad Buisman and Jaap Reijnders
Executive Director: Bibi de Vries
Secretariat: 16 persons

Number of qualified valuers registered (individuals): 7.000

Member of TEGoVA since: May 2018
Category of membership: Observer


NRVT monitors, guarantees and promotes the independence, integrity and quality of the Registered Valuer in the Netherlands.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Ad Buisman

Drs. Ad Buisman RA

Member of the Board of NRVT.

Mirande Waldmann

Drs. Mirande Waldmann MRICS

Manager Regulations & Education.

Brief History and Role

The public interest in property valuations is large. That is why both market parties and supervisors saw the need to achieve greater uniformity and further professionalisation within the valuation sector on the basis of self-regulation. NRVT came into being in good coordination with the Dutch authority for the financial markets (AFM) and the Dutch central bank (DNB), among others. The goal of NRVT is - partly in the context of the public interest - to promote the further professionalisation of the profession of the valuer and the transparency of the process of real estate valuations.

Principal Activities

NRVT monitors, guarantees and promotes the independence, integrity and quality of the Registered Valuer and, as a central register of real estate valuers, serves the public interest in real estate valuations.

Brief Areas of Policy

NRVT registers valuers in a personal capacity and provides unambiguous rules of conduct and professional rules and regulations for the four Chambers (Business Real Estate, Rural and Agricultural Real Estate, residential and WOZ -valuation law on Immovable property). NRVT supervises compliance with the rules of conduct and professional rules, regulations and Permanent Education and thus safeguards the quality of registered appraisers. In addition, NRVT has its own central disciplinary system, which provides a consistent, transparent and independent disciplinary law for all registered valuers.


The Dutch Register Real Estate Valuers (NRVT) is an organization for and by valuers.

An Expert Committee is formed per Chamber, which gives shape to the professional matters.

The proposals of the Expert Committees are submitted to the Central Council. This assesses the proposals on their social and economic feasibility, whether or not after a consultation round.

The Board formally adopts the decisions of the Central Council. The Board is also responsible for the (financial) continuity of NRVT, the position of NRVT in social and economic traffic and directs the Office.


By seeking affiliation with TEGoVA, the NRVT endorses the importance of international standardization of the valuation process as professionalisation and integrity of valuers. The regulations of the NRVT also refer to EVS in addition to IVS.