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Σύνδεσμος Επιστημόνων Εκτιμητών Ακινήτων Κύπρου 
country flag


16 Zenas Kanther str
CY-1065 Nicosia

Tel: +357 516050
Fax: +357 516054


President: Kyriacos Talattinis MRICS
Vice-President: Polis Kourousides
Treasurer: Athos Tofarides

Number of direct members: 130
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 130

Member of TEGoVA since: April 2017
Category of membership: Full


Founded in 2007, CVA represents all Scientists Certified Valuers and Scientists Valuers who are engaged in the profession.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Kyriacos Talattinis

Kyriacos Talattinis MRICS


Cleon Iacovides

Cleon Iacovides MRICS


Brief History and Role

Initiated in the late 1990s, it was formally constituted in 2007. Its role is to represent all Scientists Certified Valuers and Scientists Valuers who are engaged in the profession. Likewise, the Association promotes the general objectives of the Association, which are to ensure the promotion and facilitation of the acquisition of the knowledge which is necessary for the profession of Scientists Property Valuers, mainly the technical and scientific knowledge and the practical experience.

Principal Activities

  • To act as a centre for all Scientists Certified Valuers and Scientists Valuers in Cyprus.

  • To promote the interests and the profession of the Association Members in Cyprus.

  • To gather and provide the members with information related to the opportunities for the promotion of the profession.

  • To gather and provide the members in Cyprus, with technical and professional information related to the profession.

  • To develop ties, maintain close relations and cooperate with the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) and other related professional associations.

  • To provide assistance to the members of the Association in order to fulfil their required obligations regarding their continuing professional development and improvement.

Principal Areas of Policy

As explained above to provide advice in all fields of real estate.


Board of Association which consists of 9 members. The structure of the Board is President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 members.


CVA is a member of FIG and Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Each member has to pay an annual subscription fee of € 100.