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Ukrainian Association of Bank Valuation Specialists 
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13-B Kikvidze St., Apt.40
UA-Kiev 01103

Tel: +380 44 355 5772
Fax: +380 44 286 1894


President: Serhii Frolov REV
Vice-President: Aleksey Kalapusha, Ph.D.
Executive Director: Yurii Kovalskii REV
Secretariat: 2 staff

Number of direct members: 310
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 307
Number of valuation companies: 11

Member of TEGoVA since: October 2016
Category of membership: Associate


UABVS is the only non-governmental professional valuation organisation specialising in valuation for financial institutions in Ukraine.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Serhii Frolov REV

Serhii Frolov

Chairman of the Board of UABVS

Tel: +380 50 492 2022
Fax: +380 48 734 2047

Aleksey Kalapusha

Aleksey Kalapusha Ph.D.

Vice President
Member of the Board of UABVS

Tel: +380 50 332 2784
Fax: +380 44 496 303

Brief History & Role

UABVS is the only non-governmental professional valuation organization specializing in valuation for financial institutions. UABVS is an effective, actively growing organization oriented on European values, quality and valuation standards.

It was founded in 2007.

UABVS joins efforts of valuers and bankers for the purpose of providing reliable, high-quality service to financial institutions, private individuals, businesses and government entities.

UABVS takes an active part in the development of valuation activity in Ukraine.

Information and Consulting Center of the Association conducts online educational courses and training for valuers. The effectiveness of training is ensured by active participation of leading Ukrainian valuers with extensive practical experience in valuation of various types of property and property rights.

Principal Activities

. to ensure professional development and continuous education of valuers, their compliance with the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics;

. to protect and represent professional interests of UABVS members in governmental and other bodies;

. to encourage effective cooperation of credit organizations and professional valuers and to ensure efficiency of professional valuations in banking;

. to defend interests of credit organizations by developing recommendations aimed at mitigating risks of losses connected with valuation services;

. to ensure implementation and application of information technologies in property valuation, provide informational and methodological support to valuers that are the members of the Association;

. to develop recommendations to improve legislation and methodology in the sphere of valuation of credit organizations;

. to learn and implement up-to-date international practices of professional valuation, promote international cooperation and represent Ukrainian valuers in European organization;

Principal Areas of Policy

. Lobbying professional interests of valuers and promotion of the profession

. Professional Education & Training

. Legislation

. Professional Standards


. General Meeting of Members - supreme body of the Association

. Supervisory Board - comprised of valuers and heads of mortgage departments of Ukrainian banks

. Board - executive body, elected by the General Meeting for 5 years

. President - Chairman of the Board

. Vice President - Member of the Board

. Audit Commission


. Individual members - individual qualified valuers

. Collective members - valuation companies


The Association members had an important role in the publication of the Ukrainian professional journal "Практика оценки" (Valuation Practice) and release of a series of periodicals "Практика оценки имущества" (Property Valuation Practice).

Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.