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The main goal of TEGOVA consists of the scientific and educational promotion of the profession of valuer and the harmonisation of European valuation standards.

Principal Activities

TEGoVA's principal activities concern:

Valuation & Standards

Drafting and promoting European Valuation Standards (EVS) for adoption across Europe, and recommending a standard approach to valuation methodologies.


Promoting a set of minimum educational requirements with which members of European professional bodies for valuers must comply.

Professional Recognitions

TEGoVA's recognitions are designed to maintain, enhance and harmonise valuation standards and the valuation profession in Europe, and, by the granting of the status REV™ and TRV™, provide individual practising valuers in each member country with a well-defined indicator of qualification and experience, with the aim of assuring clients of their valuation proficiency.

EU Affairs

Representing the views of the valuation profession to the European Union institutions during the ploicy making and legislative process.

Principal Areas of Policy

* Accounting Standards & Financial Reporting
* Corporate Governance
* Education & Training
* Ethical Practice
* Financial Services
* Internal Market
* Professional Recognition
* Valuation

Economic Sectors Covered by Valuation Practices & Standards

* Agriculture
* Banks
* Industry
* Insurance Undertakings
* Investment Companies
* Property Industry
* Pension Funds
* Trusts