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You can search for the REV and TRV valuers and the REVC companies.

AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuer (REV)

C-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuation Company (REVC) status.

R-AMA: TEGoVA member association with the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV) status.

Alves, Carlos Pedro Oeiras (Porto Salvo) REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/4 details 
Appleton, Nuno Manuel Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/3 details 
Benedito, Luís Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2020/1 details 
Canilho, José Luis Carcavelos TRV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/1 details 
Carvalho, Pedro Menano Porto REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/8 details 
Caseiro, Nuno António Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/1 details 
Correia, Maria de Fátima Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/9 details 
Costa, Duarte Nuno Almodôvar REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/6 details 
Cruz, Nuno Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/12 details 
Curvelo, José Azeitão REV-PT/ASAVAL/2020/2 details 
Daniel, Ricardo Jorge Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/7 details 
Domingues, Cristina Alges REV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/7 details 
Espregueira, Francisco Porto REV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/4 details 
Ferreira, Isabel Araújo Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2020/3 details 
Ferreira, Nelson Coelho Carcavelos REV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/9 details 
Filipe, Miguel Ângelo Queluz REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/5 details 
Lourenço, Rui Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/14 details 
Lucas, Adriano Callé Lisboa REV-PT/ASAVAL/2020/4 details 
Magro, Jorge Diez Bicesse - Alcabideche REV-PT/ASAVAL/2022/11 details 
Matos, Ana Rocha Vagos REV-PT/ASAVAL/2024/1 details 
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Awarding Member Associations

To date, the awarding member associations which have the right to award recognitions are: