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REV & TRV Register

You can search for the REV and TRV valuers.

AMA: TEGOVA member association with the right to award Recognised European Valuer (REV)

R-AMA: TEGOVA member association with the right to award TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV) status.

Ambrosimova, Tatiana Moscow REV-RUS/RSA/2015/5 details 
Andrusenko, Vladimir Moscow (P.Posad) REV-RU/RSA/2024/7 details 
Artemenkov, Igor Moscow REV-RUS/RSA/2014/2 details 
Avdotin, Sergei Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2024/8 details 
Barnaeva, Marya Almaty REV-RU/RSA/2022/4 details 
Belianin, Ivan Moscow (Dmitrov) REV-RU/RSA/2024/10 details 
Belogortseva, Yulia Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2023/6 details 
Bytsko, Natalia Sankt-Petersburg REV-RU/RSA/2024/1 details 
Ekaterina, Dashkova Moscow (Lytkarino) REV-RUS/RSA/2018/3 details 
Fedoseeva, Natalia Leningradskaya oblast REV-RU/RSA/2025/4 details 
Fuki, Yaroslava Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2024/15 details 
Gnezdilov, Konstantin Sankt-Petersburg REV-RU/RSA/2023/2 details 
Grinchenko, Aleksandr Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2024/11 details 
Gulyayeva, Vera Almaty REV-RU/RSA/2023/5 details 
Guryev, Alexandr Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2020/3 details 
Gusipova, Sholpan Almaty REV-RU/RSA/2022/3 details 
Ilyassova, Zhaniya Moscow (Krasnogorsk) REV-RUS/RSA/2017/1 details 
Ivashkova, Natalya Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2024/2 details 
Kim, Elena Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2021/1 details 
Komissarov, Grigoriy Moscow REV-RU/RSA/2024/12 details 
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Awarding Member Associations

To date, the awarding member associations which have the right to award recognitions are: