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IAAO International Research Symposium

January 30, 2018

Issues surrounding data in the development of valuation estimates and the challenges data brings to government officials across the world will be the focus of the symposium. Included will be presentations of technology advancements in data collection and information verification for everyday use; new and improved valuation and property tax systems across the world; and the challenges and solutions for the appraisal of energy efficient buildings. Prior to the Symposium, on 4 April, IAAO will present an optional half-day forum on Improving Valuations with Big Data, Open Data and Data Mining.

5-6 April, Boscolo Prague Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Issues Surrounding Data in the Development of Valuation Estimates,


  • Spatial automated valuation models (AVMs), machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Free, open-source software for analysis and mapping
  • Data mining: locating, harnessing, and benefiting from open and big data
  • More accurate and cost-effective geographical information system (GIS)-based data collection methods that do not require leaving the office
  • Modernizing property tax systems for outdated and potentially vulnerable tax collection systems
  • Implementing new property tax and land records systems in developing countries

Speakers include:

  • Professor Michael McCord Ph.D., Ulster University, Northern Ireland
  • Michaela Spiridon, Ministry of Finance, Bucharest, Romania
  • Neva Žibrik M.Sc., Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Gordon Heath, BSc President, (Hons) Institute of Revenues, Rating & Valuation's, London, UK
  • Alena Holmes, JUDr, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Prague
  • Terence Fahey, Valuation Office Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
  • Ruud M. Kathmann, Netherlands Council for Real Estate Assessment, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Lasse Skakkebæk Lindegaard, Ministry of Taxation, Skatteministeriet, Denmark
  • Ingi Finnsson, Registers, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Michael Lomax, ESRI Canada, Vancouver, Canada

General Information:


International Association of Assessing Officers

Founded in 1934 and with 6.500 members worldwide, IAAO is a global community of mass appraisal experts who promote excellence in property appraisal, assessment administration and property tax policy through professional development, research and standards.