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TEGoVA Autumn Meetings in Malahide Co Dublin, a Record Breaking Success!

October 24, 2016

- European Valuation Conference

- Appraisal Institute and TEGoVA sign Mutual Recognition Agreement

- European Valuation Standards Board reconstituted

- European Valuation Practice and Methodology Board Inaugurated.

- Membership reaches 64 associations from 35 countries

European Valuation Conference


The Conference

A record breaking 420 valuers and other real estate professionals from 30 countries, including Canada and USA attended a European Valuation Conference in Malahide Co. Dublin on 21 October 2016, organised by TEGoVA's Irish member, The Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers (IPAV). The conference titled "Valuation Quality - A Pillar of Financial Stability in Europe & Beyond" was opened by Alan Redmond, President IPAV and a keynote address on "the important role of valuers" was delivered by John Curran TD, Ireland Chair of the All-Party Olreachtas Social Protection Committee.

The highpoint was a presentation by UK's Professor Neil Crosby on the Impact of Long Term Valuations on Financial Stability. Other speakers included Krzysztof Grzesik, Chairman, TEGoVA, Roger Messenger, Chairman, European Valuation Qualifications Board, Nick Millard, President CAAV, Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Advisor to CAAV, Dan Brewer, President Appraisal Institute of Canada, M. Lance Coyle, Immediate Past President, Appraisal Institute and David Magor, CEO, IRRV. The Conference Moderator was Luke Brucato from Italy.

Historic signing of a Mutual Recognition Agreement

The event provided the perfect opportunity for a historic signing of a Mutual Recognition Agreement between the Appraisal Institute from the USA and TEGoVA. A key provision of the Agreement states " AI and TEGoVA have considered each other's standards, ethics and designation or title and have concluded that they advance high levels of achievement in the real property valuation profession and excellence in the performance of real property valuation. Therefore AI and TEGoVA hereby formalise these findings by stating that they mutually recognise the professional excellence of their respective standards, ethics and qualifications"

General Assembly


The following day, 91 delegates representing valuation associations from 30 countries attended the Autumn General Assembly of TEGoVA. Debate was focused on Automated Valuation Models, the Dutch Parliament's breach of EU law in permitting the use of "pure" AVMs at the mortgage initiation stage and the lobbying efforts of TEGoVA and its Dutch members (NVM, VBO Makelaar & Vastgoed Pro to overturn the offending law. In this connection presentations were delivered by KrzysztofGrzesik, Chairman TEGoVA, Hans Van den Heuvel (VBO) and Michael MacBrien (Secretariat).

There was also an announcement about the members of a newly constituted European Valuation Standards Board (EVSB) as follows:

  • AEVIU: Alberto Cabrera
  • AFREXIM: Gareth Sellars
  • ANEVAR: Anamaria Ciobanu
  • ARE: Michael Reinberg (Chairman)
  • ASSOVIB: Silvia Cappelli
  • AVAG: Angelos Simos
  • BDVI: Wolfgang Gl眉nz
  • CAAV: Jeremy Moody (Vice-Chairman)
  • NVM: Sebastiaan Roggeveen
  • PFVA: Marek Wi艣niewski

The delegates also endorsed the establishment of a new TEGoVA Board namely The European Valuation Practice and Methodology Board (EVPMB) constituted as follows:

  • AEV: Estanislao de Kostka de la Quadra-Salcedo Capdevilla
  • AFREXIM: Philippe Guillerm
  • ANEVAR: Dana Ababei
  • ASAVAL: Adriano Call茅 Lucas
  • ATASA: Leandro Escobar
  • AVAG: Theodor Konstantapoulos
  • CAAV: Nick Millard
  • NAVS: Danijela Ilic
  • 脰VI: Georg Fl枚dl
  • V脰B: Stephan Zerbe

There were also presentations by Sebastiaan Roggeveen (NVM) on Valuation Standards, Ian McCarthy on the Irish Property Market", Ronald D. Worth, Executive Director of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and Keith Lancastle (AIC) who encouraged European valuers to attend the AIC/AI International Valuation Conference in Ottawa on 8 to 11 June 2017.

New Members

Finally the following associations were admitted as TEGoVA members:

IEV - Institute of Estimation and Valuation - ISTITUTO di ESTIMO e VALUTAZIONE (E-VALUATIONS)

TAA - Turkish Appraisers Association - T脺RK陌YE DE臑ERLEME UZMANLARI B陌RL陌臑陌 (TDUB)

UABVS - Ukrainian Association of Bank Valuation Specialists - 袗小袨笑袉袗笑袉携 小袩袝笑袉袗袥袉小孝袉袙 袘袗袧袣袉袙小鞋袣袨袊 袨笑袉袧袣袠 校袣袪袗袊袧袠 (袗小袘袨校)

Next General Assembly


The next TEGoVA General Meeting and European Valuation Conference will be held in Belgrade on 20-22 April 2017.


Please find hereafter the presentations of the valuation conference.