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Spanish Association of Value Analysis 
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José Abascal 44, 4ª planta
ES-28003 Madrid

Tel: +34 913 952 895


President: UVE VALORACIONES S.A. (Representative: Germán Pérez Barrio)
Vice-President: IBERTASA S.A. (Representative: Alberto Aguirregaviria Arriola)
Secretary General: Paloma Arnaiz Pérez-Villamil
Number of direct members: 23 valuation companies
Number of qualified valuers (individuals):
- 277 (valuers employed by the valuation companies)
- 5006 (valuers providing valuation services to the valuation companies)

Member of TEGoVA since: 2014
Category of membership: Full


Founded in October 2012, AEV represents the interests of 18 Valuation companies licensed, regulated and supervised by the Bank of Spain (the Spanish central bank).

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Germán Pérez Barrio

Germán Pérez Barrio

President of AEV
President of Uve Valoraciones S.A.

 Iñigo Amiano Bergara

Iñigo Amiano Bergara

Member of the Board
Director General of Krata S.A.

Paloma Arnaiz Pérez-Villamil

Paloma Arnaiz Pérez-Villamil

Secretary General

Brief history and Role

Asociación Española de Análisis de Valor (AEV) was founded in October 2012, starting operations in February 2013. It is a private non-profit association that acts in the public interest and promotes valuation methods and techniques as proper rules of conduct.

AEV represents the interests of 18 Valuation companies licensed, regulated and supervised by the Bank of Spain (the Spanish central bank) and one Consultancy Company -focused on Real Estate sector-. Among those companies, representing 75% of the appraisal market in Spain, Tinsa and Sociedad de Tasación - the two largest valuation companies in Spain - are founding members.

Principal Areas of Policy

AEV´s main objectives are:

• Encouraging the development of the valuation Industry, as well as our pricing and valuation techniques.

• Promote sound professional practices, and high quality valuation to ensure the independence, self-regulation, transparency and technical foundations of all partners.

• Represent all our members, defending their interests and promoting their reputation.

AEV offers the necessary information to increase member's awareness and promoting promotes transparency on the professional practices of its members worldwide.

Principal activities

The main AEV activities are aligned with its objectives. We can highlight:

It will act as members´ spokesperson before public Institutions such as the Bank of Spain, the Ministry of Finance, or the Spanish Stock Exchange Commission and AEV will also co-operate closely with other Spanish associations that may have any common interests in the valuation or mortgage sector.

It sets rules of business ethics within the real estate valuation industry. It is currently working on Professional Standards, so far AEV has recently elaborated and published two standards. They have been approved by The General Assembly, and will be a "work in progress" exercise, as the intention is to continuously enhance the valuation standards and adapt them to changes in current regulation, international standards, and market conditions. They are: 1) Standards on Statistical Methods for Valuing Portfolios (Statistical valuations) 2) Standards on Human Resources and Technology.

AEV has an important place in legislation, resolving doubts and comunicating new Rules relevant to the real estate market, to all the members.

AEV publishes a quarterly Bulletin that covers different aspects of the association's activities, and updates on valuation and associated issues.

AEV has also worked on the design of an appraisal database (with valuation information provided by members). This has resulted in an agreement signed between AEV and the Ministry accountable for real state statistics. The data will contribute to developing the house price index published by the Government.


AEV organs are:

1) General Assembly
2) Board of Directors: President, one Vice-President, four further members ("Vocales") and AEV´s Secretary General.
3) Five Commissions: Technical, Statistical, Code/Rules of Conduct, Internal Governance and Ethics, Non-Real Estate Valuation.
4) Staff: Secretary (Managing Director) and one Manager


AEV is open to any interested Company in the Valuation Sector that shares its statutory objectives and that also assumes the commitment of quality and ethics promoted by the association followed by all the members.

Nowadays, it is formed by 28 Valuation Companies regulated by the Bank of Spain and one Consultancy Company.


• Code of Ethics
• Standards on Statistical Methods for Valuing Portfolios
• Standards on Human Resources and Technology
• Standards on Residual Dynamic Method (in Process)