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Professional Association of Valuation Companies of Spain 
country flag


Calle Francisco Giralte 2
Sala Federico Candela
ES-28002 Madrid

Tel: +34 91 782 4878


President: TÉCNICOS EN TASACIÓN, S.A. (Luis Leirado Campo)Vice-President: GESTIÓN DE VALORACIONES Y TASACIONES, S.A. (Ángeles Aguilar Viyuela)Directors: ALIA TASACIONES, S.A. (Lluís Candela Sanchis); EBROTASA, S.A. (Jesús Rodrigo Moreno); TASACIONES ANDALUZAS, S.A. (Adolfo Sicilia de Oña); TASACIONES DE BIENES MEDITERRÁNEO, S.A. (José Clavel Cerro); TASACIONES HIPOTECARIAS, S.A. (Gustavo Saiz Robres); VALORACIONES MEDITERRÁNEO, S.A. (Fernando Reverte Sánchez); TASIBÉRICA, S.A. (Alberto Muntañola Buxaderas).Managing Director: Leandro Escobar Torres MRICSSecretariat: 3 staff

Number of Direct Members: 15 valuation companiesNumber of qualified valuers (individuals):
- 59 (valuers employed by the valuation companies)
- 1.200 (valuers providing valuation services to the valuation companies)

Member of TEGoVA since: Founding MemberCategory of embership: Full


ATASA is the only valuation association in Spain formed by 15 valuation companies representing more than 1.200 valuers.

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Leandro Escobar

Leandro S. Escobar Torres

Managing Director

Tel: +34 91 577 13 51
Fax: +34 91 575 45 94
Mob: +34650137283

Brief History and Role

With almost a quarter of a century of existence, ATASA is one of the two valuation association in Spain.

ATASA's main goal is to enhance the prestige and quality of the valuation works performed by Spanish valuation companies.

Principal Activities

• Conduct: ethics-related cases, mediation and arbitration between members.
• Institutional: national and international relations.
• Communication: internal and external communication; mass media; news.
• Technical: technical papers; answers to technical questions; assessment of legal bills.
• Statistics: annual survey; quarterly recompilation of activity (number of reports, valued amount, surface area where applicable); quarterly recompilation of valuation information for joint database.
• Education: research and development; publications; courses.

Principal Areas of Policy

• Conduct
• Institutional
• Communication
• Technical
• Statistics
• Education
• EU Affairs


• General Assembly.
• Board of Directors. One chairman (also Chairman of GA), one vice-chairman and eight further members.
• Commissions: Ethics; Institutional; Technical; Statistical; Educational + ad hoc Commissions (Congress, Statutes, Mortgage Market, Investment Trusts, Business Assets, Professional Relations, etc.).
• Staff: Managing Director (also Secretary General); IT/Statistics; Technician; Administrative.

Membership Includes

15 valuation companies.



- EVS 1997 (Spanish version)
- EVS 2003 (Spanish version)
- IVS 2005 (Spanish version)
- IVS 2007 (Spanish version)
- EVS 2009 (Spanish version)
- EVS 2012 (Spanish version)

• Revista ATASA (ATASA magazine), 3 issues per year. Fixed sections: Briefs, Economic analysis, International, Interview, Innovation, Valuation Industry in Numbers, Regulations.
Latest issues:
- Issue 34 (March 2009)
- Issue 33 (October 2008)
- Issue 32 (May 2008)
- Issue 31 (December 2007)

• Guías ATASA (ATASA Guides):
1. Basic account concepts
• Basic fiscal concepts (coming soon)
• Basic concepts on valuation companies (coming soon)

• Technical papers:
- Code of Ethics
- Standards of good practice (coming soon)
- Measurement standards


ATASA translated the European Valuation Standards 2016 into Spanish jointly with AEVIU.


• Common valuation database (more than 8 million registers since the year 2000).

TEGoVA Spain

ATASA and AEVIU have established "TEGoVA Spain" which is seeking a convergence of Spanish valuation standards and practice with the rest of the EU and to enable employees of valuations companies to become Recognised European Valuers.


Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuation Company
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuation Company status (designated by the letters REVC) to its members.



At the end of 2014, the Spanish TEGoVA member associations AEVIU and ATASA formed TEGoVA ESPAÑA. Its main goal is to work together to persue and defend common interests.