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Italian Institute for Real Estate Valuation 
country flag


Via Lanzone 7
IT-20123 Milano

Tel: +39 02 89451141
Fax: +39 02 8057446


President: Dott. Ing. Enrico Campagnoli
Vice-President: Prof. Sergio Mattia
Directors: Alexander Benedetti, Sergio Guastini, Nello Fiorentino
Secretary General: Dr. iur. Alexander Benedetti, MRICS CRE
Secretariat: 1 staff

Number of direct members: 85
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 12
Number of valuation companies: 9

Member of TEGoVA since: 2000
Category of embership: Full


IsIVI is a professional association for valuers based in Milan, with regional delegations.

Its mission is to promote professional property valuation standards, independent valuation practice and a specific recognition for professionals specialised in real estate valuation in Italy.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Enrico Campagnoli

Dott. Ing. Enrico Campagnoli

* President of IsIVI
* Past World President of FIABCI

IL SASSO s.r.l.
Tel: +39 02 8900909
Fax: +39 02 8057446

Alexander Benedetti

Dr. iur. Alexander Benedetti

Secretary General of IsIVI

Italian Institute for Real Estate Valuation
Via Lanzone 7
IT-20123 Milano
Tel: +39 02 86467831
Fax: +39 02 8057446

Antonio Campagnoli

Avv. Antonio Campagnoli

Member of IsIVI
Vice-President of ASPESI (Associazione Nazionale tra le Società di Promozione e Sviluppo Immobiliare)

IL PUNTO Real Estate Advisor srl
Via Lanzone 7
I-20123 Milano
Tel: +39 02 4594253
Fax: +39 02 8057446

Brief History and Role

IsIVI represents engeniers, architects and brokers active in the valuation field. The Board is composed by representatives of each of these categories. It is supported by the OSMI Borsa Immobiliare of Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Politecnico of Milan as well as international association as FIABCI.

Principal Activities

IsIVI organises at least two or three conference per year regarding the valuation and the ancillary fields as, for example, rating of the collateral of Mortgage Backed Securities or the valuation of Real Estate funds.


The association is governed by the general assembly, the Board, the technical counsil, the segretary general and the president.


All the members are selected between the best national valuers and shall comply with strict code of ethics.

All members may benefit from all the IsIVI events and the information circulated regarding the valuation sector.



Its members are authors of several articles.


IsIVI translated the European Valuation Standards 2016 into Italian jointly with ASSOVIB and CNGeGL.


IsIVI has an important role as an Italian valuation policy maker without being linked to a close club of valuation companies but having as members a diverse and numerous group of local valuers.


Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.