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National Association of Authorised Romanian Valuers 
country flag


Sc─ârl─âtescu 7
RO-011158 Bucharest 1

Tel: +40 (0)21 315 65 64 & +40 (0)21 315 65 05
Fax: 0040 (0)21 311 13 40


President: Adrian Vascu
Vice-President: Daniel Manaţe
Managing Director: Bianca C─âtinean
Secretariat: 26 staff

Number of direct members: 5.822
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 4.276
Number of valuation companies: 356

Member of TEGoVA since: 1994
Category of membership: Full


Founded in 1992, the National Association of Authorised Romanian Valuers (ANEVAR), is a professional, non-profit, non-governmental, independent association which acts for public interest and promotes evaluation methods and technics.

Permanent Representatives to TEGoVA

Adrian Vascu

Adrian Vascu

President of ANEVAR
Member of the Board of Directors & Treasurer of TEGoVA

Senior Partner
Str Buzesti 75-77
Sector 1
RO-011013 Bucharest

Anamaria Ciobanu

Anamaria Ciobanu

* Vice-President of International Affairs of the National Association of Romanian Valuers (ANEVAR)
* Member of the REV Recognition Committee (TEGoVA)

* Professor of Finance at The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
* Editor in Chief of The Valuation Journal of ANEVAR


National Association of Romanian Valuers (ANEVAR)
Scarlatescu 7
RO-011158 Bucharest 1

Tel: +40213156505

Brief History and Role

The National Association of Authorised Romanian Valuers - ANEVAR - was founded in 1992, as a professional, non-profit, non-governmental, independent association that acts for public interest and promotes valuation methods and techniques.

Today the association counts more than 5,200 full members, 304 associated companies and more than 2000 students. Its activity is developed in 51 territorial centers throughout all Romania's counties.

The association is concerned in the valuation of property (for insurance, taxation purposes, mortgage lending, compulsory acquisition etc) Business Valuation, Personal Property Valuation and Financial Assets Valuation.

Its Membership includes valuers in the private and public sector with different backgrounds (engineers, accountants, surveyors, architects etc).

The association is carrying out discussions with governmental institutions on proposed legislative changes, publishes books and guidelines on valuation topics and co-operates in the formulation of national and international best practice in the field of valuation.

The association is member of the following International organisations:
* Associate member of TEGoVA
* Funder and board member of WAVO (World Association of Valuation Organisations)
* Board member of IVSC (International Valuation Standards Committee)

Principal Activities

<b>Members' services.</b> ANEVAR offers specialist professional qualification. Our members have access to help and guidance through regularly updated textbooks, training courses and research materials. A large collection of books and documentation specialised on valuation is available for consultation at the association's library.

Our quarterly publication named <b>Buletin Informativ</b> covers different aspects of the association's activities, provides articles and updates on valuation and associated issues.

<b>Education.</b> The Association places great importance on the training of valuers and on the continuous professional development of its members. One of our statutory conditions (compulsory for all members) is the obligation of attending at least 16 hours of CPD every two years.

Principal Areas of Policy

The fourth specific domains of activity are Business Valuation, Real Estate Valuation, Personal Property Valuation, and Financial Assets Valuation.

One of the association's goals is the establishment of the best practice in valuation, in accordance to the best international expertise in this area.


The association is governed by the General Assembly (formed by the delegates representing all the territorial branches) which is a statutory body and by the Board of Directors that carries out the association's objectives and insures the application of the decisions adopted by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly on a two yearly cycle. The Board has 17 members with the following structure: the president, the prime-vice-president (which is the future president), the former president, four vice-presidents (chairmen of the association's committees), the secretary general, the treasurer and 8 members (elected presidents of the territorial branches, representing the administrative development regions).

The employed staff led by the CEO carries out the administration of the association. The staff numbers 35 employees.

Membership Includes

* Real Estate Appraisers
* Business Appraisers
* Personal Property Appraisers
* Financial Instruments Appraisers

The categories of membership available are Full, Senior, Student and Associate.


* As indicated above, ANEVAR publishes a quarterly brochure with updates related to the association's activities and to the valuation practices. ANEVAR also has a website that can be accessed by members of the association and by non-members.

* ANEVAR translated the European Valuation Standards 2009 into Romanian.

ANEVAR's Main Goal

ANEVAR is a professional body that seeks to promote the innovative expertise in the field of valuation and to adapt the best international practice to the national specific economic environment.


Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.