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The Polish Federation of Valuers' Associations  
country flag


Nowogrodzka 50
PL-00-695 Warsaw

Tel: +48 22 627 07 17
Fax: +48 22 627 07 79


President: Marek Wi┼Ťniewski
Vice-Presidents: Krzysztof Grzesik REV; Krzysztof Lewandowski; Henryk Masternak REV
Managing Director: Ewa Ksi─Ö┼╝opolska
Secretariat: 6 staff

Number of direct members: 23 local / regional valuer's associations
Number of qualified valuers (individuals): 3.500
Number of valuation companies: none

Member of TEGoVA since: 1994
Category of membership: Full


Founded in 1993, PFVA is the voice of the valuer profession in Poland and abroad.

Permanent Representative to TEGoVA

Chris Grzesik

Krzysztof Grzesik

Vice-President of PFVA
Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEGoVA

Mobil: +48 501 053 900

Brief History and Role

Founded in December 1993 by 15 Regional valuers' associations, PFVA is the voice of valuer profession in Poland and abroad.

Activities aimed at development of valuer profession, protection of its rights and improvement of professional skills, representing members before state institutions and on an international forum.

Principal Activities

* Professional Standards and Code of Ethics
* Continuous professional training
* Publishing
* Participation in legislation process in the scope of real estate market


* National Council constituted out of delegates of associations
* Board, President and three Vice-Presidents and Board of Control called by national Council for three years term of office
* Committees (for example: Arbitration Committee, Training Committee, International Committee)
* Secretariat - Staff

Membership Includes

23 regional valuers' associations.


* Polish professional valuation standards (eight edition) , books, scripts and textbooks.
* The Appraisal of Real Estate
* The Appraisal Institute (Polish version)
* PFVA 2000
* European Valuation Standards TEGoVA 2000 (Polish version)
* PFVA 2001
* International Valuations Standards IVSC 2005, (Polish version)
* PFVA 2005


Awarding member association

Recognised European Valuer
Awarding Member Association

The association has the right to award Recognised European Valuer status (designated by the letters REV) to its members.