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Autumn General Meeting of TEGoVA

• Latvian Association of Property Appraiserso offers warm welcome to valuers from Europe and beyond.

• TEGoVA enrols 60th Member Association from 33rd country.

• TEGoVA conferred REV awarding status (AMA) to the National Council of Italian Surveyors (CNGeGL), the Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Experts (NVM), the Union of Expert Surveyors of Brussels (UGEB-ULEB) and the Association of Real Estate Agents and Valuers of the Netherlands (VastogoedPro).

EU Commission

Mortgage Credit Directive Gives EU Imprimatur to TEGoVA and EVS

Action in the final stage of the legislative process reverses the exclusive emphasis on international standards and confirms TEGoVA as the European standard setter.


Our Chairman talks with Leon Goldwater, Editor in Chief of 'Europe Real Estate', about the role of TEGoVA as an international valuation association.

Is TEGoVA truly representative of the European valuation profession?

With 59 national associations of valuers from 32 countries, I think so.

What distinguishes TEGoVA from the other international valuation standard setters?

Fundamentally, our recognition that the EU's 'ever closer Union' extends to property markets and professionals....